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Sisulu, Max Vuyisile

  • ZA-COM-00969
  • Person
  • 23 August 1945-
Anti-apartheid activist, politician, academic and businessman. Member of parliament and Speaker of the National Assembly from 2009 to 2013.

Sisulu, Walter Max Ulyate

  • ZA-COM-03996
  • Person
  • 18 May 1912-5 May 2003
Anti-apartheid activist and political prisoner. Husband of Albertina Sisulu. Met Mandela in 1941 and introduced him to Lazar Sidelsky who employed Mandela as an articled clerk. Leader of the ANC, and generally considered to be the ‘father of the struggle’. Co-founder of the ANCYL in 1944. Arrested and charged under the Suppression of Communism Act for playing a leading role in the 1952 Defiance Campaign. Arrested and later acquitted in the 1956 Treason Trial. Continually served with banning orders and placed under house arrest following the banning of the ANC and PAC. Helped established MK, and served on its High Command. Went underground in 1963 and hid at Liliesleaf Farm, in Rivonia, where he was arrested on 11 July 1963. Found guilty of sabotage at the Rivonia Trial, and sentenced to life imprisonment on 12 June 1964. He served his sentence on Robben Island and at Pollsmoor Prison. Released on 15 October 1989. One of the ANC team negotiating with the apartheid government to end white rule. Awarded the ANC’s highest honour, Isitwalandwe Seaparankoe, in 1992. Clan names, Xhamela and Tyhopho.

Sisulu, Zwelakhe

  • ZA-COM-00769
  • Person
  • 17 December 1950–4 October 2012


  • ZA-COM-07055
  • Corporate body

Skweyiya, Zola

  • ZA-COM-02863
  • Person
  • 14 April 1942 -11 April 2018
An activist from his schooldays, Zola Skweyiya left South Africa in 1963. After his return in 1990 he chaired the ANC Constitution Committee and then headed the ANC’s civil service unit charged with preparing for when the ANC went into government. From 1994 to1999 he was minister of public service and administration.

Slabbert, Frederik van Zyl

  • ZA-COM-04178
  • Person
  • 1940–2010
Politician, academic and businessman. He led the Progressive Federal Party (PFP), a small opposition party in the white apartheid parliament but resigned in 1986, convinced that that parliament could not contribute to resolving the country’s problems, and co-founded the Institute for Democratic Alternatives in South Africa (IDASA) together with Alex Boraine. He helped facilitate a meeting in Dakar in 1987 between the ANC and leading (mainly Afrikaner) politicians, academics and businessmen.

Sloot, A.

  • ZA-COM-02534
  • Person

Slovo, Joe

  • ZA-COM-00146
  • Person
  • 1926–1995
Lawyer, anti-apartheid activist, intellectual, politician. Helped establish the Congress of Democrats (COD). Accused in the 1956 Treason Trial. Detained for six months during the 1960 State of Emergency. In exile from 1963 to 1990 and lived in the UK, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia. Was general secretary of the SACP, 1986 and chief of staff of MK. Participated in the multiparty negotiations to end white rule. Minister of housing in Mandela’s government from 1994. Awarded the ANC’s highest honour Isitwalandwe Seaparankoe in 1994.

Smit, Sebastiaan

  • ZA-COM-07060
  • Person
Civil servant. Former security policeman implicated in the charge of attempted murder when Frank Chikane was sent poisoned T-shirts in 1989. Head of the police’s narcotics bureau in Durban and later became the Northern Transvaal divisional commander of the security branch. After 1994 he had a short stint as deputy police commissioner and later appeared before the TRC.

Smith, Solly

  • ZA-COM-02103
  • Person
  • - May 1993?

Smith, William

  • ZA-COM-03395
  • Person
Civil servant. He headed South Africa’s Cabinet Secretariat both before 1994 and after the achievement of democracy, until retiring in 2016.

Soares, M

  • ZA-COM-07075
  • Person

Sobhuza, King

  • ZA-COM-07076
  • Person
  • 1899–1982
King of Swaziland until his death in 1982. By then he had led Swaziland as Paramount Chief and then King for over 80 years.

Sobukwe, Robert Mangaliso

  • ZA-COM-00856
  • Person
  • 5 December 1924-27 February 1978
Lawyer, anti-apartheid activist and political prisoner. Member of the ANCYL and the ANC until he formed the PAC based on the vision of ‘Africa for Africans’. Editor of The Africanist newspaper. Arrested and detained following the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960. Convicted of incitement and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. He spent another 6 years in prison under a law which allowed already convicted political prisoners to have their imprisonment renewed – this became known as the ‘Sobukwe Clause’. Released in 1969 banished to Galeshewe, Kimberley and placed under house arrest. Studied law, and opened his own law practice in 1975.
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