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Mandela : [Filmography]

Danny Glover was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Mandela. Alfre Woodard played Winnie Mandela. With little real biographical notes, the script covers from 1948 to 1987, and shows the young Mandela as lawyer and fervent anti-apartheid activist, Mandela is jailed in 1962 and passes the cudgels of activism to his wife Winnie, who despite persecution from apartheid authorities perseveres in her cause.

Filmed on location in Zimbabwe and released the same year as Cry Freedom, (the Biko story) the film was criticized as one dimensional and over simplified but certainly moving

Saville, Phillip

Malcolm X : [Filmography]

Excellent biographical account of Malcolm X’s life featuring Denzel Washington. Lee did certain filming in Soweto and Nelson Mandela played the role of a Soweto School teacher Features Denzel Washington, Angela Basset

Lee, Spike

Nelson Mandela : Au nom de la liberté

Nelson Mandela is a legend. A icon. A name. Nowadays, 90 year-old Mandela has no longer any official responsibilities, and he devotes a lot of time fighting against AIDS through his foundation. His life became a destiny. It began in a village of Transkei province and was crown by a Nobel Peace Prize. An unbelievable political life which contrasts with a dramatic personal life. Who is really Nelson Mandela? This film tries to answer this question, by setting Mandela's story back in the context of his country: South Africa.

Calmettes, Joel

Drum : [Filmography]

Based on events in journalist Henry Nxumalo’s life (portrayed by Taye Diggs) the film explores life in Sophiatown and the famous magazine Drum. Nelson Mandela is a cameo played by actor Lindani Nkosi.

Filardi, Jason

Queen [The] : [Filmography]

After the death of Princess Diana, HM Queen Elizabeth II struggles with her reaction to a sequence of events nobody could have predicted.
A brilliant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth 2 by Helen Mirren. Nelson Mandela as himself in archive footage.

Frears, Stephen

Mandela & De Klerk : [Filmography]

Based on events leading to the release of Nelson Mandela and the relationship between Mandela and De Klerk during the violence of 1990 to 1994. Makes good use of archive footage. Nelson Mandela portrayed by Sydney Poitier and F.W. De Klerk played by Michael Caine

Wesley, Richard

Goodbye Bafana : The Colour Of Freedom : [Filmography]

Based on Mandela’s prison experiences as related by prison warder James Gregory. Nelson Mandela played by Dennis Haysbert, James Gregory portrayed by Joseph Fiennes and Dianne Kruger as Gloria Gregory. Based on the book by Bob Graham and James Gregory

Latter, Greg

We the People : [Filmography]

CNBC Africa Programme "We the People". Interview with Verne Harris and Ronald Harrison by Fenley Fox on Nelson Mandela's 89th birthday.

CNBC Africa

Zapiro:Drawing on Madiba : [Filmography]

Zapiro drawing cartoon of Mandela, includes Mandela Cartoon jiving and Mandela puppet. This is produced for the exhibition of cartoons on Mandela by Zapiro

Mrs Mandela : [Filmography]

A film about one of the most extraordinary and controversial women in recent history. When Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in prison on 11th February 1990, the entire world saw Winnie Mandela walking at his side. MRS MANDELA, played by Oscar nominee Sophie Okonedo, focuses on how Winnie survived the 27 years without him. Part triumph, part tragedy and an unravelling love story, the film charts Winnie Mandela's progress from innocent country girl to politicised fighter against apartheid, from adoring wife to revolutionary firebrand, and asks the question: was she a saint or sinner... Cast: Sophie Okonedo, David Harewood, David Morrissey

Baptiste, Madonna

Rivonia-Prozeß, Der : [Filmography]

Feature film based on the Rivonia Raid, and subsequent trial, filmed with SA govt. assistance at Liliesleaf Farm. The role of Nelson Mandela was played by Simon Sabela.

Brettholz, Wolfgang

Peter’s Friends : [Filmography]

6 old college friends and two new friends meet at an old country manor for a New Year’s Eve reunion & reminisce over old times Nelson Mandela features amongst other politicians and celebrities with an ANC banner in archive footage. features Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie

Brannagh, Kenneth

Wonder van Máxima, Het (Maxima’s Miracle) : [Filmography]

February 2002 witnessed the marriage between prince Willem-Alexander and princess Máxima, in Amsterdam. The event forms a backdrop for drama in the lives of various characters in Amsterdam. Nelson Mandela appears as himself in archive footage.

Ruven, Paul