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van Huyssteen, Alet Series
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Douw Steyn meets with Nelson Mandela, 2008.10.29, Houghton: [Set of 23 Still Images]

Mandela with Douw Steyn in his office, group photos including Graça Machel, and others.

Douw Steyn is a South African businessman who owns Auto and General Insurance and left South Africa in 1992 to launch the Budget Insurance group in London. He also owns Shambala Game Reserve in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

van Huyssteen, Alet

Bikers for Mandela Day, 2010.07.13-18, South Africa: [Set of 1 075 Still Images]

"Bikers for Mandela" involved a group of celebrities and a group of motorcyclists on a five-day ride from Johannesburg to the coastal city of Cape Town with the aim to raise awareness about and support for Nelson Mandela Day. The bikers were stopping at selected villages and cities, where they participated in community projects and other social initiatives.

Yazbek, Debbie

Madiba's hands: photo opportunity for the New York Concert of 46664

Photo opportunity for the New York Concert of 46664. Mandela’s face and his hand next to it, fingers spread. Mandela's hands making fists. Mandela with Zelda la Grange’s hands. Mandela whispering in Zelda le Grange’s ear. One hand making “taxi signs”. Mandela’s hands on his walking stick. Hands with fingers spread

van Huyssteen, Alet