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When hope and history rhyme

The ninth of eleven children born to political activists Ebrahim and Fatima Asvat, Amina Cachalia's political activism and championing of women's rights was almost a preordained path with her father's connection with Mahatma Gandhi, a family tradition that started with her father's explanation of racial discrimination. When hope and history rhyme explores Amina's remarkable life from her early childhood to the women's march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 9 August 1956, to her banning, in 1962, for 15 years, and the trials and tribulations when her husband, Yusuf, was placed under house arrest for 25 years. The title includes details of Amina's close relationship with Nelson Mandela, from their first meeting to their poignant encounters after his release from prison in 1990.

Cachalia, Amina

The 1990 Northern Areas "Uprising" in Port Elizabeth: A South African Story of Communities Resisting Oppression

The book demonstrates how South Africa possesses a veritable cornucopia of resources, from minerals to people. But it is on the latter aspect that Mr Abrahams focuses. He has an appreciation of both the challenges faced by our diverse population and the potential, waiting still to be unlocked for it to achieve true 'rainbow' status.

Abrahams, Cecil Collin

For their triumphs and for their tears : Women in apartheid South Africa

This historic and educational book: For Their Triumphs and for Their Tears Women in Apartheid South Africa , it explains how the oppression and exploitation of the majority of South African women--as women, as workers and above all as black people--is an integral part of the apartheid system.

Bernstein, Hilda

Flying with pride : The story of the South African flag

Flying with Pride tells the tale of the birth and universal adoption of the new South African national flag. This tale, told by author and journalist Denis Beckett, holds together a collection of art works, artifacts and photographs from throughout South Africa. These images tell, in their own powerful way, of how the new flag has been woven into the very fabric of South African society. And, as Flying with Pride shows, this has been done in more ways than with any other flag in the world!

Beckett, Denis

Great peacemakers : True stories from around the world

Great Peacemakers is an entertaining and inspirational read. In this book you will meet twenty inspiring individuals who have made peace their choice in life, from a Vietnamese monk to a Brazilian musician, from a Swedish children’s author to an Iranian-American architect. Exploring a wide range of approaches to peacemaking, Great Peacemakers is organized into five paths to peace: choosing nonviolence, living peace, honoring diversity, valuing all life, and caring for the planet. Each path showcases the true life stories of four amazing peacemakers who have successfully cultivated peace in a variety of ways. Whether you are a parent seeking positive roles models for your children, an educator looking for thought-provoking material for your students, or someone simply wanting an uplifting read, then Great Peacemakers is sure to meet your needs and inspire the peacemaker in you. Read this book and find out why Dr. Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Costa Rica, said, “Powerful, well-researched and, above all, timely, Great Peacemakers should be required reading for the youth of the world.”

Chase, Heather

Legacies of Power : Leadership change and Former Presidents in African politics

It was a widely dominant perception until the early 1990's that African rulers do not vacate their office alive. But even in the brutal reality of African politics, transition takes place and various former presidents have dealt with how to maintain power and privilege very differently. With new case studies examining the post-presidential years of the iconic Mandela in South Africa, Daniel Arap Moi in Kenya, Nyerere in Tanzania, Rawlings in Ghana, Charles Taylor in Liberia as well as the experiences of Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria, this volume explores the dilemmas which demands for presidential transitions impose upon incumbent rulers and analyses the relationships which are evolving between new regimes and their predecessors. The contributors discuss the hybridal political systems that exist in post-independence Africa; the role allotted to or pursued by former African presidents; transitional politics and justice; and political stability. The book stimulates careful further observation and analyses concerning progress in this contested arena of institutionalised political power in Africa.

Melber, Henning

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