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Africa: The good news

Unlike the countless books that try to explain what went wrong in Africa, Africa The Good News looks at what is going right. It gives voice to Africans and (non-Africans) who have a different story to tell to the commonplace one of hopelessness: it tells the tale of the African dream becoming the reality. It explains why a growing number of investors, journalists, and academics are starting to look at Africa differently and describe the continent as one of growth and opportunity and not just of diseases and despair. At the same time, it does not shy away from what still needs to happen for the 21st century to indeed be Africa's. The book explains where Africa is today economically, socially, and politically, where it is planning to go, and its position in a global world. It looks at the business opportunities, challenges, and success stories on the continent, the continent s natural wealth and the potential of this wealth to bring prosperity to its people. Importantly, it investigates what is being done and what needs to be done to address the continent s many challenges from leadership to poverty, and the need to rebrand Africa. It will describe Africa as you have never seen it before...

Berndsen, Marisa

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