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United States HIV/AIDS
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Vanderbilt University Archive

Programmes and programme segments broadcast on channels such as ABC, CBC, CNN, NBC and Nightline. Includes footage and reports on the following:
The Mandela family. The arrest of Winnie Mandela for contravening her banning orders by returning to her house in Soweto. Visits by Winnie Mandela to Nelson Mandela in prison. The funeral of one of Nelson Mandela’s cousins in the Transkei. Winnie Mandela reported to have won the legal battle to have government bans on her lifted. The attack on the Mandela house in Soweto, with comments from Reverend Frank Chikane. The Mandela United Football Club, acting as bodyguards for Winnie Mandela. Nelson Mandela’s advice to Winnie Mandela about the kidnapping charges against her. Rumours of a rift between Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Nelson Mandela shown accompanying Winnie Mandela to court. A guilty verdict against Winnie Mandela and her sentencing. The announcement that Nelson and Winnie Mandela are separating. The reaction of Nelson and Winnie Mandela to the reduction of her prison sentence by the appeal court. Nelson Mandela moving out of Soweto into a Johannesburg suburb. A raid on the home of Winnie Mandela as part of a campaign against government corruption, and Nelson Mandela reportedly firing Winnie Mandela from the cabinet. The marital divorce of Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Scenes of Nelson Mandela’s sister-in-law tending her cornfields. Nelson Mandela’s relationship with Graca Machel. The wedding of Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel. The death of Nelson Mandela’s son, Makgatho Mandela, because of AIDS.


Vanderbilt University Archive

Programmes and programme segments broadcast on news channels such as CNN, NBC and CBS. Includes footage and reports on HIV/AIDS:
Nelson Mandela addressing international AIDS conferences in Bangkok, Thailand (2004) and Durban, South Africa (2000). Nelson Mandela addressing the crowd at the 466/64 international AIDS awareness concert held in Cape Town, South Africa (2003). Request by Nelson Mandela for easier access to anti-retroviral treatment for AIDS patients (2002). Nelson Mandela speaking about the death of Nkosi Johnson (2001). Comments by Nelson Mandela on the seriousness of AIDS in response to a United Nations report on the extent of AIDS in Southern Africa (1998). Comments by Nelson Mandela on the impact of poverty and the conflict in KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, with scenes of AIDS orphan (1996).